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The University of New South Wales has changed its entry requirements. It won’t be too difficult to study at a prestigious university now! The latest information of UNSW that you couldn’t miss out!

Institution News

Many students dream about to studying at a prestigious university in Australia. Today, we are going to introduce an outstanding institution -The University of New South Wales (UNSW). Next, we will share the latest information and good news, come and have a look!

Recently, UNSW officially announced the new entry requirements of the following majors:

8404 Master of Commerce

8417 Master of Commerce Extension

8409 Master of Professional Accounting

8415 Master of Professional Accounting Extension

8371 Master of International Business

Let's take a look at the entry requirement in the official announcement content:


Complete 4 or more graduate courses in Australia (including Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or other postgraduate-level courses)

• The average score of these 4 courses no less than 65%

Students who meet the academic threshold could be considered as meet the language requirements of the UNSW course. As long as you completed 4 courses of Graduate Certificate / Graduate Diploma / Master, UNSW could accept the applications and confirm whether the student meets the requirement of an average score of 65.

What does it mean? It will become easier to study at a prestigious university, it not only exempt the language requirement but also waives some credits. If you are still considering study or transfer to which university, could also study in a school first and change to The University of New South Wales in the future! Dont miss out on this great opportunity!

The delivery mode of semester2, 2021


In semester1, 2021, UNSW has a plan for students to return to campus and it goes smoothly. The Australian government and NSW Public Health department is committed to establishing safety measures. Therefore, UNSW students have the opportunity to enjoy a vibrant and social experience in semester 2, 2021! From 25th   May (orientation), the university will warmly welcome students back to the campus! In addition, many face-to-face courses will be provided. However, there are many international students still couldnt return to Australia, all courses will offer the online courses as well, you may find some relevant information from UNSW timetable.

UNSW China Learning Center


The University of New South Wales is not only a prestigious university in Australia, but also put the students in priority! UNSW has set up two China Learning Centre in Yixing and Shanghai, there are more than 250 students study here! Even students couldnt return to Australia, you still have an opportunity to meet new friends and improve learning efficiency! At the same time, UNSW also announces good news:

The Yixing and Shanghai Learning Centre will continue open in semester 2, 2021. Moreover, a variety of meaningful activities will be provided. The deadline for registration is 12 May 2021, and

Offer Letter will be launched by 18 May, if you would like to know more information, please register as soon as possible.

UNSW Global pathway program


UNSW Global is one of the resources of The University of New South Wales. It establishes a foundation in academic skills and helps students go through the transition.

UNSW Global offers three different types of high-quality university bridge programs:

Foundation course

• Prepare for study in Australian university

• Improve English proficiency and academic skills

• Access to all first-year undergraduate courses of the University of New South Wales, Sydney

International Diploma Program

• Enter the pathway of the subject that you have chosen for the second year of the undergraduate degree program in UNSW

• Upon graduation, you can obtain both an international diploma and an Undergraduate diploma of UNSW

Four majors: Business, Computer Science, Engineering, and Science

English courses

• Improve academic and English skills

• To establish a solid foundation for the International Diploma, Foundation and Degree courses