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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is health insurance that provides cover to contribute towards the costs of:

  • • Out of hospital medical treatment
  • • In hospital medical treatment
  • • Prescription Medicines
  • • Emergency ambulance assistance

Student Visa Requirement

The Australian Government through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires all holders of a Student Visa to maintain OSHC during their stay in Australia.
It is a visa requirement that from 1 July 2010, students must obtain OSHC for the proposed duration of their student visa. If an overseas student extends the length of their student visa, they must renew their OSHC policy.
AMET Education can help our students to prepare OSHC, please contact an AMET agent.

Bank & Finance

AMET Education can help our students to open Bank Accounts, please contact an AMET agent.


  • • Home Stay
  • • Student Apartment
  • • School Accommodation
  • • Renting House

AMET Education can help our students to provide information, please contact an AMET agent.

Travel & Holiday Arrangements

Coming Soon

Resume Writing

A resume is a short document used to summarize a job seeker’s experience and qualifications for a prospective employer. A resume includes the job seeker’s contact information, work experience, education, and relevant skills in support of a job application.

Your resume is arguably the most critical part of the modern job application process. Writing the best resume possible is more important than ever now that online job postings routinely attract hundreds if not thousands of applicants. A well-organized, tailored resume will increase your chances of landing an interview while a poorly written resume could get lost in the sea of applicants.

AMET Education can help our students to refine their resumes to match Australian requirement. We also can provide right sites to our students to find student service to prepare interview or alter CV at schools.

Mobile Phones | Internet

AMET Education can help our students to purchase SIM card, please contact an AMET agent.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon


  • Chinese Driver License
  • Taiwanese Driver License
  • Chinese ID Card
  • Taiwanese ID Card
  • Chinese Marriage Certificate
  • Chinese Divorce Certificate
  • Chinese Birth Certificate
  • Taiwanese Birth Certificate
  • Malaysian Driver License
  • Others

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