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Enjoy the highest student satisfaction with The University of Queensland ! The latest update for semester 2 in 2021!

Institution News


The COVID-19 pandemic has to get better gradually in Australia. At the same time, The University of Queensland (UQ) also announces the latest news for the second semester of 2021! Let
s have a look at these updates together!


Delivery mode

In semester 2, 2021, most of the courses will become offline (Internal) mode, UQ will try to return to a pre-COVID level if face-to-face teaching and social events. If you are an onshore international student, you could only register online class when you couldnt enter the campus or the Internal mode course is not provided by UQ. All activities will comply with the government regulations. As the border restriction hasnt been released yet, some international students still not able to enter Australia. In that case, students could continue to participate in online courses (External mode). When enrolling in the courses for semester 2, 2021, please complete the registration before 23 July (Friday) (International students).


Q&A session

Q: Which courses provide the External mode?

A: Please click on the following link and check which course provides an external mode:


Q: I am an international student and I am studying online. Can I reduce the number of course registration?

A: If you are currently affected by the COVID-19 restrictions and study in your hometown, you are able to reduce the number of enrolled courses.

Q: What should I do if I feel helpless while studying online overseas?

A: The University of Queensland will provide a range of online learning supports and students are encouraged to join the Virtual Village and Study Bubble to meet new friends.


Student benefits (COVID-19)

The University of Queensland understands the difficulty of the students, they not only remain the same tuition fee as last year, but also offer a 12.5% tuition fee reduction for international students who were on External mode overseas.

Available for the international students who registered semester 2, 2021 in The University of Queensland (Including the commencing and continuing studies)
The students who are not able to enter Australia due to COVID-19 border restriction

Attending online courses of UQ in their hometown

• Fully paid international students

The students who havent received any benefits from scholarships or business partners

Also, The University of Queensland may provide $2,000 quarantine and service fees to the international students who return to Australia from overseas in the future!


For more information about The University of Queensland, please refer to the official website:


International Student Scholarships


Science International Scholarship

This scholarship aims to reward outstanding undergraduate or graduate students in the Science field.

Value: $3,000 per year

Opening dates: 1 April 2021-30 June 2021

Destination Australia Scholarship (International Students)

This scholarship is funded by the Australian government to attract more students to study and experience in Australia

Value: $15,000 per year

Opening dates: 7 April 2021-20 June 2021

For more news about UQ scholarship, please click on the following link: