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The latest update of Monash University in the semester 2, 2021! Moreover, it takes 5 years only to complete the Bachelor+ Master of Pharmacy, saves time and money!

The delivery mode of semester 2, 2021

According to the Victorian government legislation, the students from Monash University could return to campus; at the same time, the online class will be provided. Currently, the university will implement COVID Safe plan and restart campus. The delivery mode of Semester 2, 2021 will adjust depends on the situation.

To facilitate learning efficiency, the university offers a special VPN for Chinese students. If you would like to know information, please check the official website:

Monash University course updates

Bachelor of Architectural Design


Duration: 3 years full-time

Students could use the architectural design studio, which is provided by Monash University. Students could obtain more architecture knowledge. Students have an opportunity to become policy consultants, project management, real estate, architectural writers, commentators, game and designers, etc.

The options of undergraduate dual-degree include Design and Business, Design and Information Technology, Design and Media Communication, Art and Business, Art and Information Technology, Art and Media Communication.

Master of Business Analytics


Duration: 1.5 years/2 years

1.5-year program: Relevant background required. For example, some specific units such as Statistics, Computer Science and Engineering, etc are required.

2-year program: No background is required

This course focus on critical thinking, calculation and analysis skills. Students have an opportunity to learn about data analysis and decision-making. The graduates may able to provide much effective business information to their company in the future. Moreover, Business Analytics is a prospective industry and may keep increasing its demand in Australia. The Business faculty in Monash University is the first school accredited by the Three Crowns (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA).

Master of Genome Analytics


Duration: 1.5 years / 2 years full-time

1.5-year program: Relevant background required, the student must complete the subjects such as biology.

2-year program: No relevant background required

Monash University is the first school to launch a masters degree in Genetic Analysis. The course includes Bio-informatics, Genomics and other related units. It could be utilized in cancer and infectious diseases, the student could become a professional medical and health care expert.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (honors) /Master of Pharmacy (undergraduate and master)


Duration: 5 years

In 2021, Monash University launched a new degree: Bachelor of Pharmacy (honors) +Master of Pharmacy= 5 years, which means you could obtain a higher degree with less duration. The Bachelor/ Masters degree includes 48 week internship (with salary). Also, after the student completes a 4-year undergraduate degree in pharmacy (Bachelor of Honors), you could choose to continue to study the Master's program at Monash University and enjoy a discount on the tuition fee. The second option is to return to your hometown and complete the internship there.