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What a good choice! Study at South Australia, enjoy various advantages and pathway to Permanent Residency (PR)!

Institution News

Dear students, we are holding a six-week "AMET GO8 Online Webinars” now, it will take you in-depth understanding of Australia's best universities and the latest information! The list including Australian National University, Monash University, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, University of New South Wales and the other outstanding universities.

March 4th-April 8th (every Thursday night) 7pm AEDT Melbourne time

Highlights of the webinars:

■ Introduction to the top eight universities in Australia

■ Popular immigration courses and admission requirements

University application process description

Latest scholarship information*

Weekly schedule:

April 1 The University of Adelaide

April 8 The University of Western Australia, The University of Melbourne and The University of Sydney

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The University of Adelaide is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Its excellence embedded in research and has been ranked among the top 1% university in the world. The institution established in 1874, it contribute to health, welfare and culture, society and intelligence.

Why choose The University of Adelaide

Internal advantages

Educational quality


The University of Adelaide is well-known for its top research, high quality of education and foster many outstanding graduates. Among the 16 Nobel Prize winners in Australia, 5 are from The University of Adelaide.

The University of Adelaide ranks 106th in the world and is also among the top ten universities in Australia! The largest agricultural complex facility is located in the Waite campus. Its wine-related subject ranked top 2 in the world.

External advantage

Perfect location


Adelaide is a great city for international students, you could find many job and study opportunities there. The industry of biological sciences, agriculture, wine, information technology, tourism and art are flourish in South Australia.

In 2014, Adelaide was rated as one of the Top 10 Tourist Cities in the World (Lonely Planet travel guide). Last year, IPOS, the Australian market research company rated Adelaide is the most livable metropolis in Australia.


The cost of living 

The average weekly cost of living in Adelaide is 50% lower than in Sydney. You don’t need to take an Uber to travel everywhere. The transport in Adelaide is very convenient.

How much does it cost to study in Adelaide per week? The details below illustrate the basic cost of living for an international student.

1. Rent: AUD $135-385 /week

2. Meals: AUD $90-135 /week

3. Water, electricity and coal: AUD $40-55 /week

4. Transportation: AUD $20-35 /week

5. Mobile and internet: AUD $20-40 Australian dollars/week

6. Daily necessities: From AUD $50  per week

The weekly cost of living of an international student is approximately AUD $350-700.

The living expenses of international students vary greatly from person to person, and different people may have very different living expenses.

High educational satisfaction

The international students are satisfied with the quality of tutors and education, it ranked No.1 in Australia. Moreover, graduates studying in Adelaide could finding jobs faster than other states in Australia. Almost 75% of students are employed after complete their degree.

Immigration pathway

1. Extra points for regional areas

Adelaide graduates can get a 3-year work visa. In addition, students who want to apply for immigration can get an extra 5 points!

2. South Australia Guarantee

South Australia has set up many immigration-related policies, such as offers more channels under state government nomination (subclass 491) for international students.

Next, let us continue to explore world-class courses at The University of Adelaide together!


Faculty of Economics and Law 

Courses: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Wine Business, Construction, Project Management, Economics, Law, etc.

• Australia's first university (1902) offer business education

• Accounting and Finance/Law ranked Top 100 in the world*

• All accounting courses are accredited by CPA Australia

Specialized AACSB Accreditation for its business school

• The architecture course is accredited by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)

Faculty of Engineering/ Computer and Mathematical Sciences  

Courses: Engineering-Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electronic and Electrical, Mechanical and Electrical, Aviation, Software, Petroleum, and Mining, Mathematical Science, and Computer Science, etc.

• Minerals and Mining Engineering ranked 16th in the world*

• Civil and structural engineering/chemical engineering ranks in the world's top 100*

• All engineering courses are accredited by the Australian Engineers Association (EA), and the undergraduate is a four-year honorary degree.

• All computer courses are accredited by the Australian Computer Association (ACS), the American Computer Society (ACM) and the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Faculty of Science 

Biological Sciences, Nutrition, Animal and Veterinary Science, Physical Sciences, Viticulture, Wine production, Agriculture and Forestry, etc.

No.2 the best wine manufacturing universities globally

• Biological Sciences/Earth, Ocean Studies/Agriculture and Forestry ranked top 100 worldwide

Faculty of Literature

Courses: Teaching, environmental policy and management, social sciences, translation and cross-cultural communication, media, music, etc.

• More than 135 years experience in teaching

• Education/English and Literature rated Global Top 100*

Internship opportunities

Faculty of Health Sciences

Courses: Clinical Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Health, Nursing, Public Health, Psychology, etc.

•Dental is ranked 32nd in the world*

•Nursing ranked 38th in the world*

• Ranked 40th in the world in anatomy and physiology*

Internship opportunities

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Highlights of the briefing:

■ Introduction to the top eight universities in Australia

■ Popular immigration courses and admission requirements

University application process description

Latest scholarship information*

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